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Beware the corporate auditor!

Tanzie Lewis’s inventive sleuthing is a delightfully humorous, can’t-put-it-down first work by Joanne Fox Phillips.

Revenge of the Cube Dweller


Toppling the Bishop Group’s black granite tower was not in Tanzie’s job description per se, but she proves to be a natural at it—as well as her own little deceits.

Tanzie Lewis used to have it all. The stylish wife of a successful oil executive at the top of the Houston social scene, she used to spend her days playing scratch golf or lunching with friends at the club. That was before she was dumped in favor of a beautiful younger woman and the global financial crisis wreaked havoc on her divorce settlement. Now, at 52, Tanzie finds herself depressed and alone in Tulsa, watching her waist size grow and her professional opportunities shrink, working as a minion for clueless bosses in the internal audit department of the Bishop Group. So what’s a “girlie” to do? Snoop!

Taking advantage of Bishop Group’s security weaknesses, she begins to unravel the intricate warp and woof of corporate fraud, manipulation, and a cover-up that enrages her. Avenging the death of innocent Houstonians after a massive pipeline explosion, and uncovering her own hidden talents for sleuthing and cleverly tampering with the system, Tanzie dishes out her own justice to get even—and to get a little something for herself!

Revenge of the Cube Dweller - Joanne Fox Phillips

About the Author

Joanne Fox Phillips is a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin and the director of internal audit for a midstream oil and gas company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She is a CPA, certified internal auditor, and certified fraud examiner. This is her first attempt at writing something longer and hopefully more entertaining than an audit report. She thanks her friends, family, coworkers, and editorial team for suffering through early drafts and providing encouragement and advice throughout the process.

Joanne Fox Phillips

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What People Are Saying.

  • Beware the corporate auditor! Tanzie Lewis’s inventive sleuthing is a delightfully humorous, can’t-put-it-down first work by Joanne Fox Phillips. Bring on Tanzie’s next exploit, I say

    Norm Szydlowski, CEO (retired) SemGroup Corporation, and former CEO, Colonial Pipeline Company.
  • LOVED THIS! Women of a “certain age” unite! We are smart, savvy and we aren’t going to take any more of your crap. Tanzie Lewis for president!!

    Rosemary Smith, Librarian RSU 18 Williams Library
  • I'm always on the lookout for something original and this is it. Finished it in a single sitting, which is rare for me but I couldn't seem to put it down. No sex or violence but still it kept me interested. Who knew internal audit could be remotely interesting? Quite a welcome surprise.


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